For over 20 years Sonja Schmidt worked as a Hollywood Comedy Writer and Producer on networks including FOX, NBC, ABC, The WB, BET, and The Disney Channel with some of Hollywood’s most talented, yet politically maladjusted stars. It was during this time she discovered and revealed she was a registered Republican.
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Black Conservative ex-Hollywood Comedy Writer brings today's hot topics on news, politics and the Left with a quirky, unique, inspiring twist.
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Mike Kellett

Love the natural way she conducts her interviews. Sonja inspires so much love and hope. It is nice to be influenced by such educational information and feel such good vibes.

Robert Schmidt

Bright, witty, and refreshing. Sonja speaks from actually living and therefore understanding both sides of the spectrum and speaks from actual experience. We're lucky to have her. Bravo!

Kelly Mack McCoy

Real. Live. Engaging. Great guests from a wide range of backgrounds make for an interesting show. A show that looks at politics and culture from every angle.
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