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We say in the world of television writing, “The thing is never the thing.”

This means whatever the character “says” he or she wants, is usually a lie. In other words, they think they’re woke, but they’re oblivious to the truth. This makes for a good television show, but not a good life experience.

If you’re on the the political Left because you believe it’s the party that “cares”, you’re probably “woke”. If you’ve “awake”, by now you’ve likely discovered that when Democrats lie, people die figuratively and literally.

Being awake means you see the world as it is. Being woke allows you to live in a perpetual state of delusion. The woke views the forceful overthrow of portions of American cities – buildings destroyed, businesses shut down, and a 16-year-old boy shot and left to bleed out on the street, as a “Summer of Love”.

The Tuth will set you free, which is why the Left is so intent on covering it up.”
– Michael Knowles

Being woke means you don’t have to know history to destroy history. In fact the more clueless you are about history the more useful you are to the woke cause. If you’re woke a few months after toppling a statue of Fredrick Douglass and debasing the Lincoln Memorial you’ll likely go vote for the party who fought to keep the institution of slavery ongoing, and leadership that continues to keep Black children in inferior schools without allowing them the opportunity for school choice. And you’ll feel good about yourself.

If you’re woke you can feverishly chant “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” int the public square without ever having to trouble yourself with the tiny little fact that, that phrase was never uttered by the Black “victim” you’re chanting for.

Black “wokeness” demands that you feel oppressed, even though you may be attending a pricey university and there are several examples of American Black success stories wherever you turn.

Black wokeness supposedly hates White privilege but allows White folks the privilege of choosing which words and phrases like “master bedroom” should be removed from our lexicon to ease their so-called pain. Black wokes are okay with woke Whites who genuinely believe that Black people can’t acquire cell phones and identification cards like they can. While Black wokeness supposedly hates White privilege they practically hoist White wokes up to the superior position of being their Great White Savior and holding them there.

My guest on this week’s Sonja Schmidt Show is Amir Odom, a previously woke 20-year-old gay, Black male who attended a Black Lives Matter rally to support the cause. What he found there was that their message was incoherent, and that not all Black Lives Matter. Being from the South side of Chicago he knew that Black males, women, and children of all ages were being slaughtered by the hands of other black males on any given weekend in Chicago as well as other Democrat-run cities. It was unconscionable to him as it is to us that these Black lives were of no importance to BLM. This began his journey on becoming awake. WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE HERE